Wavegarden’s current wave generation system has been progressively tested and refined using many different surfable wave sizes. Our goal is to provide the most flexible, user-friendly, efficient and reliable technology possible.





The advantages of the Wavegarden technology over existing ones are:

Wavegarden works in the exact same way an ocean wave does.
A mass of water is systematically moved over a surface that causes the wave to form and then fold on itself – just like a wave breaking over a reef or sand bar. The difference is that Wavegarden can regulate the size and speed of the wave at will, making it engaging for all different skill levels, from beginner to ripper. This technology has been fully and exclusively developed by Wavegarden, which owns the patent.

Energy consumption is much lower than existing wave generation technologies. This proposition, unique to Wavegarden, allows for profitable surfing-based sports & lifestyle facilities for the first time ever.
When the area is large enough, Wavegarden can operate multiple waves simultaneously within the same facility, catering to advanced surfers, beginners, and children all at the same time.
The length of the Wavegarden wave is only limited by the size of the available land (a 1.6 metre wave produces a 30 second tube over a length of 250 metres).
The wave is formed cleanly and breaks as a tube.

All the machinery components have been designed and dimensioned to work non-stop to guarantee the optimum durability of your facility and minimise maintenance costs. Only top quality materials are used and we choose our suppliers and partners because they are leaders in their sector.




Wavegarden is specifically designed to blend into natural settings.
Wavegarden can create linear or curved breaks to adjust to the morphology of the land.
Each break can be a wave that starts and ends, or as a closed loop that generates an endless wave.
Wavegarden’s unique technology enables the waves to be modified and customised any time. Waves can be consistently identical or there can be small variations at any point or moment of the break. These variations are programmed so that the surfer may or may not know that they are going to occur.
A custom study for each client is performed to define all these factors.