Contrary to what it may seem, surfing under normal conditions is a very safe sport with hardly any injuries. Water is a “soft” and forgiving environment in which you are very unlikely to injure yourself if you fall. Surfing injuries occur most commonly in large ocean waves or where there is a rocky or coral sea bed.

Wavegarden offers the advantage of a controlled environment in terms of the depth, size, length and frequency of the waves. There are no surprises, such as unexpected currents, dangerous coral or rocky sea beds. Wavegarden allows for the surfer to be near the shore at all times and easily seen. The different zones (beginners, experts, wave-free, and bathing) can be perfectly defined, which means there is no risk of collision between users.

Wavegarden is designed with safety as the top priority and is ideal for all ages and fitness levels. You do not need any surfing experience to enjoy Wavegarden, all you need is to be able to swim and feel comfortable in the water. Each Wavegardenfacility complies with local and international safety legislation, according to the customer’s requirements.