FAQ for Investors

1. Who can invest in a Wavegarden facility?

Any company or public institutions (local councils, governments, etc…) that want to establish a man-made surfing facility away from the ocean. Investors who are looking to benefit from the many business and social opportunities of a facility of this type.

2. How does the Wavegarden investment compare to a similar type of man-made wave facility?

With a similar investment, a Wavegarden facility can be profitable based on a high degree of occupancy and the lower operational cost achieved as of today.

3. Where can Wavegarden be set up?

Either in existing lagoons, lakes, and reservoirs or in purpose-built ones. The wave break can be adapted to the shape of the lake.

4. Is very complicated or expensive civil engineering work required?

No, if the following requirements are met the civil engineering is very straightforward: All you need is a shallow stretch of water (preferably on flat land or a gentle slope – vertical slopes make it very difficult), and the water level must remain very stable.

5. Is Wavegarden environmentally friendly?

Wavegarden has the lowest energy consumption achieved by any man-made wave to date. Wavegardenfacilities are ideal for natural settings and have a minimum visual and environmental impact.